Blue America Blog Post: More to 2020 Than Just Electing a President

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“Brianna Wu sent this homemade kitchen video out to her supporters acknowledging that many of us felt discouraged on Wednesday morning after the Super Tuesday results in some states– like Massachusetts, where she lives. “But,” she wrote, “I’m also optimistic about what we can achieve. Fighting for progressive values means a lot more than just winning the Oval Office. The president cannot write and pass legislation, and we need progressives in office all the way down the ballot to get Medicare for All passed, to enact a Green New Deal, and to restore our democracy.”

I wondered how widespread that kind of optimism was yesterday. So I reached out to some of the congressional candidates who have been endorsed by Blue America and asked them.

Robin Wilt, up in Monroe County, New York, is someone who thinks things through carefully from every perspective. She’s someone who will make an absolutely outstanding Congress member. And she’s a dedicated Berniecrat…

… She told me “It’s not just Bernie; it’s all of us. We can’t forget that it wasn’t simply the Executive Branch that enabled the rampant wealth inequality, military adventurism, climate crisis, and other regressive policies that we are experiencing today. In fact, the House of Representatives is referred to as ‘the People’s House’ because the framers wanted it to be the body of the federal government that is most sensitive to voter opinion. With members representing individual localities rather than states at-large, with terms limited to just two years, and with every vacancy requiring a special election, rather than appointment to be filled, one would assume that the U.S. House, more than any other body, would reflect the political attitude of the national electorate. Of course, with the disproportionate influence of the monied elite, we know that not to be true.”


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